Data Networks

Bridge Communications, LLC. offers data networking products including IP routing, WAN access, workgroup LAN, edge, and small-core switching products. These solutions break conventional business barriers by providing reliability, survivability, security, high speed QoS, and remote connectivity.

These competitively priced products offer network designers an excellent alternative that delivers the interoperability, functionality, and reliability customers expect and demand. Data networking solutions available through Bridge Communications, LLC address today’s business challenges by providing reliable and highly available communications to the branch office and mobile worker.

With support for legacy technologies like ISDN and advanced IP capabilities over ethernet, xDSL, frame relay, and T1, these solutions give you all the right connections. At the central site or a remote/branch office, a broad range of capabilities allows network designers to build an infrastructure exactly suited to the company’s business needs.

Bridge Communications, LLC has networking products that deliver excellent performance and investment protection. Designed to be compatible with standards-based IP routing and switching, these products can be implemented into existing networks with confidence. The ever-increasing demands on network resources are requiring today’s enterprises to reduce network complexity and inefficiencies, while providing uncompromised performance and business continuity.

We specialize in the following kinds of networks:


  • Local area networks
  • Cabling and certification
  • Server setup – Microsoft and Linux
  • Wide area networks (multi-office connection)
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)