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With over 35 years in the telecommunication industry, Bridge Communications LLC is uniquely suited to understand the challenges small to mid-sized businesses are facing today.

Our approach is custom-tailored to your company’s vision, needs, growth and budget. We offer every customer a comprehensive 360-degree, telecommunication assessment.

This holistic approach is designed to provide you with comprehensive telecommunication solutions, thoughtfully designed to boost your bottom line.

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Bridge Communications, LLC
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Bill Eidson
Bill Eidson
17:57 13 Aug 19
i picked them because they did a great job of converting my church to VOIP a number of years ago , and i needed to recently rid my company of my 35 year old phone system . all of their staff and installers did a great job - as promised - with no surprises or glitches. we swapped from ATT to COMCAST , which should solve other long term problems.
Coral Hospitality CH
Coral Hospitality CH
18:04 21 Jun 19
I strongly recommend Bridge Communications to anyone interested in a clear, thoughtful, reasonably priced telecom plan. I work with Diane Francis, who frankly is one of the best IT partners with whom I have ever done business. She is outstanding. Diane ALWAYS presents me with options in a clear, easy to understand manner, with limited technology jargon . She drives to create value for my company and to make my life easier. I love working with Diane and Bridge!
16:12 21 Apr 18
I would recommend Bridge Communications to anyone. Diane and all of the staff have been exceptional in helping us with issues. Every time we called they were right there to help. We received everything that was promised to us and more. Thank You Bridge Communications! Your Friends at Rawlins Plumbing
Louis Bungo
Louis Bungo
19:52 21 Nov 17
We have been a Bridge Communications client for a little over a year now. They provide affordable and reliable VoIP services to our two locations. The support team is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I would recommend their services to any small or medium business looking for data or phone services.
Jed Fearon
Jed Fearon
18:29 16 Jan 17
While the marketplace is full of various VoIP providers (many of whom come and go or change hands), Bridge Communications belongs on a very short list of private Georgia companies with not only longevity but also a track record supporting companies who can’t afford to take risks with their communications infrastructure – voice, data or telephone hardware. I would without hesitation recommend them to all of our managed IT services clients.
Bob Blaha
Bob Blaha
19:21 30 Aug 16
Our office has used Bridge Communications' hosted PBX service for nearly 3 years. The service is reliable and call quality on our conference and desktop phones is top notch. Technical support is knowledgeable and responsive.
Lisa Couch
Lisa Couch
19:41 17 Aug 16
Great services and very knowledgeable people. I have used Bridge Communications LLC for over 4 years and great to work with. They will work to make sure you are satisfied and trained on their services & equipment. RE/MAX All Properties
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Their Mission Statement: "To provide world class customer service and technical support while making every client feel as if they are our only customer."

An excerpt from the article "3 IT Investments You Should NEVER Skimp On"

Far too many businesses – from small to large – under-invest in IT security. We touch on this topic a lot because we see it a lot. These are business owners and managers who fall into the mindset of “It won’t happen to me.” This is a dangerous line of thinking. For small businesses, a data breach can be devastating. Not only is data compromised and potentially copied or stolen, but your clients will also immediately question whether or not they should trust you. There’s a good chance they end up taking their business elsewhere – and they may even sue you.

When IT security isn’t a priority and you invest in the cheapest option available, it’s like asking hackers to let themselves in. One study by the security firm Imperva found that over 50% of all Internet traffic is made by bots. Many of these bots are looking for security holes. They test websites and networks, looking for a way in. If they find their way in, they can do some serious damage.

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