VoIP 101 part two

Welcome back to the second part of our VoIP 101 series. If you missed the first post or want to review it again, you can read VoIP 101 part one here.


If disaster hits, your business can go on uninterrupted. Even if the Internet or power is down at your office or if there’s inclement weather and you can’t make it to the office, we can quickly forward all of your business calls to your cell phone so that you don’t lose any business, even during an emergency.

Because we have servers in multiple locations with multiple Internet providers at each site, your PBX will be stay online in case of a local Internet outage as well.



If you’re switching from analog phone service to VoIP or even VoIP service to another VoIP provider, you don’t have to worry about losing your current phone numbers. We can port most numbers from your current carrier to our service so that you can keep the phone numbers for your business that your customers know.

Additionally, if you need to acquire more numbers–local, national, or tollfree–we have a wide selection of DIDs that we can easily add to your PBX.


Faxing over VoIP allows you to receive your faxes as PDF attachments to your email address. You can use this as your primary fax line, or as an additional faxing solution to your traditional fax machine.

Voicemail to email

With VoIP, you can receive emails with an audio file of your voicemails that you can play from any device that gets your emails. There’s also an option to receive your voicemails only on your email so that you don’t get voicemail notifications on your desk phone or have to delete voicemails from your desk phone.