Business Telecommunications Consulting Program

Bridge Communications, LLC. has the telecommunication consulting expertise you’re looking for. At Bridge Communications, LLC., we view telecom investments as business decisions. Business objectives, such as cost reduction, productivity gains, and customer service improvement, should drive the investment process. We understand the short- and long-term costs and benefits associated with different telecom alternatives, and we can help you avoid critical mistakes in cost and quality.

Our consulting and management services save you time, money, confusion, and aggravation in collecting and analyzing information, optimizing systems, evaluating alternatives, implementing changes, and working with vendors. In fact, our clients typically reduce their telecom expenses by 35% to 50% or more. Our goal is to not only lower your costs, but work with your management team to increase productivity.

With telecom technology evolving at a rapid pace, business managers are having a difficult time keeping up with all the changes. Business are faced with having to choose and implement technologies such as voice over IP (VoIP), web conferencing services, IP-based phone systems, traditional voice communications services, T1s, PRIs, and complicated customer premise telecom equipment. Many of these technologies have evolved in the past 10 years, thereby requiring business managers to research and implement new telecommunications technologies that will make or break their business.

VoIP is here today and is a viable technology that can be deployed by many small-to-large-businesses, public schools, and universities. Bridge Communications, LLC’s business telecommunications consulting program can help you determine if new equipment or services are the answer to bring your situation up-to-date. We can also implement the latest VoIP technology with your current legacy PBX. Business telecommunications consulting from Bridge Communications, LLC. will prevent unnecessary expenditures and improve the way your business communicates.

Just a word of advice: if your business is using the wrong telephony service plan, outdated telecommunications technology, or outdated telephone system hardware, you need to correct this. We have had the opportunity to consult with many organizations, and we found that the service plans with their long distance carrier, local phone service provider, or cellular provider are left unmonitored. In most cases, we find that the company is paying much more then they need to.

If left unattended, you stand to lose thousands of dollars per year due to inefficiencies both from a cost and operations standpoint. Your competitors who take the time to upgrade and maintain their telecommunications services and technology will enjoy a competitive advantage. To avoid this, Bridge Communications, LLC. can help you choose, implement, and maintain telecommunications services, hardware, and technologies designed to maximize your profits and operating efficiencies.