Disaster Recovery Services

Our fully automated disaster recovery services provide a remote backup phone system for your business that can include instant, automatic failover. Acting as a hot standby PBX, it can mirror your primary phone system and take over if your on-site PBX fails or if your place of business is inaccessible. Without a remote backup phone system, you may be out of business when disaster strikes because you can’t communicate with clients, suppliers, or employees.

Hot-standby PBX with automatic failover, this recovery service waits in the background until it is needed. When called upon, there is no hardware to boot, no software to run, and no data to move. As a hot standby PBX, it is ready to go. Failover can be automatic and almost instantaneous, or you can bypass automatic failover and manage the transition on your own schedule. Calls can be routed to alternate phones in any location, such as cellular phones, phones in branch offices, or home phones.