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“Whether you’re at your desk or out in the field, your entire business phone system is with you.”

Bridge Communications Soft Phone App is available on android, apple, and desktop.

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“The all-in-one business phone system”

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Our highly experienced techs and support team install, program, and troubleshoot your system based on your specific business needs.

A Business Phone System that can Grow with you!

Your business communications needs might change over time. Thankfully, Bridge Communications PBX settings are completely controlled via web portal, making it easy to make adjustments to your service as your business grows and scales.

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP works by converting the analogue voice calls into packets of data. Then these packets travel in another form of data, for example e-mail, over the public Internet or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network. By a VoIP service, you can call any landline or mobile phone numbers.

There are three different methods to make VoIP calls:

  • From your PC through the provider’s online Portal.
  • From your VoIP handsets.
  • From the VoIP Mobile App.

Every organization is unique, and has specific need priorities, objectives, risks and opportunities. With this in mind, generally speaking the number one reason that organizations switch to a hosted VoIP phone system is — not surprisingly — to measurably reduce telecommunication costs by anywhere from 25% to over 50% per year.

Another major reason why organizations make the switch is to take advantage of advanced carrier-class unified calling features, like voicemail-to-email, auto attendant, video calling, mobile calling, and the list goes on.

Yes, Bridge Communications has multiple carriers that we can port your existing numbers to.

Unlike traditional phone landline phone systems. You do not need a line for every phone number you own, our system is based off of call paths. You can purchase as many lines as you need for your business. We have a number of affordable options to choose from, and additional lines can also be purchased at any time. Please reach out to our sales team or request a quote.

The process is efficient and non-disruptive. Generally, our technical team conducts on-site visits to assess the existing telecommunications infrastructure, and then they create a customized implementation schedule in collaboration with our customer. Implementation usually takes less than a day, and our team follows-up with orientation and training as per the plan. Overall, the process is much faster, easier and simpler than our customers were led to believe before they found us.

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Speak directly with a knowledgeable member of the Bridge Communications Technical Team to get assistance, troubleshoot issues, or receive guidance on utilizing Bridge Communications products and services.


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"i picked them because they did a great job of converting my church to VOIP a number of years ago , and i needed to recently rid my company of my 35 year old phone system . all of their staff and installers did a great job - as promised - with no surprises or glitches. we swapped from ATT to COMCAST , which should solve other long term problems."
Bill Eidson
Bill Eidson
"I strongly recommend Bridge Communications to anyone interested in a clear, thoughtful, reasonably priced telecom plan. I work with Diane Francis, who frankly is one of the best IT partners with whom I have ever done business. She is outstanding. Diane ALWAYS presents me with options in a clear, easy to understand manner, with limited technology jargon . She drives to create value for my company and to make my life easier. I love working with Diane and Bridge!"
Coral Hospitality CH
Coral Hospitality CH
"We have been a Bridge Communications client for a little over a year now. They provide affordable and reliable VoIP services to our two locations. The support team is very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I would recommend their services to any small or medium business looking for data or phone services."
Louis Bungo
Louis Bungo

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