Business VoIP Phone System from Cisco

Now you can provide unified communications capabilities in your small business office or branch with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. This solution provides powerful call processing for Cisco Unified IP Phones as part of a converged voice and data solution powered by a Cisco router. With an advanced, business VoIP phone system from Cisco, you can have the advanced communications capabilities you need to better compete in today’s global market.

With this system, you can deploy data and voice capabilities in a single, integrated routing platform to increase productivity, decrease costs, and lower total cost of ownership. This low-cost, full-featured call processing solution is integrated into Cisco Integrated Services Routers and Cisco Multi-service Access Routers that deliver a small footprint and are simple to deploy, administer, and maintain. With easy installation and changes and an intuitive management interface, moves, adds, and changes in the system are easy.

Cisco also offers industry-leading investment protection. The solution designed to support up to 250 users can interoperate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and enables planned migration strategies in support of future growth requirements. To round out the Cisco IP Communications solution, Cisco offers a broad portfolio of IP phones at various price points to meet any application or requirement. When connected to a converged IP network, Cisco IP phones enable users to place phone calls as quickly and easily as they would using their current phone and with high quality of service and security for the most demanding business environments.

Read more about the additional features that Cisco offers below.

General Features

Comprehensive feature set: Innovative key system and small private branch exchange (PBX) capabilities available within feature-rich Cisco IOS software

Call coverage capabilities: Call forwarding, call pick-up, dual-line appearances, and hunt groups ensure that when a call comes into any office, regardless of office size, it will be answered efficiently to ensure that customers remain satisfied with the service they receive.

Integrated voicemail: When the next-available person cannot answer a call, extending individual voice mailboxes to all employees provides an opportunity to improve customer service and employee productivity, while increasing the professionalism in a small or medium-sized office. Cisco Unity Express, an optional network module for Cisco CallManager Express, offers easy, one-touch access to messages and commonly used voice-mail features that enable users to reply, forward, or save messages. To improve message management, users can create alternate greetings, access envelope information, and mark or play messages based on privacy or urgency. It includes 100 hours of voice-mail storage, ample capacity for any small or medium business need.

General delivery voice mailboxes: Cisco Unity Express also provides general delivery voice mailboxes and voicemail storage for employees with similar skill sets or job functions. For example, when customers call a retail store, real-estate office, or bank with a general question, they may not require the attention of a particular employee. A general delivery mailbox allows the first-available team member to retrieve a message and promptly respond to a customer’s needs.

Built-in automated attendant: A basic, built-in automated attendant for Cisco Unity Express enables callers to quickly reach the right person without the assistance of an operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A dial-by-name and dial-by-extension directory simplifies self-service, and if a customer needs further assistance, they can easily return to an operator when needed.

Unified Call Connector

Business process transformation: Integration with existing business process applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM), delivered in combination with Cisco Unified CallConnector applications

Increased employee productivity: Users have call control, location, and status of other users with Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Windows, a presence-based Windows application

User-specified call handling: Users can take advantage of single number reach by extending incoming business calls to mobile or home phones based on rules they specify with Cisco Unified CallConnector Mobility

Computer Telephony Integration: Cisco Call Manager Express supports computer telephony integration (CTI) with your customer relationship management (CRM) applications, such as Microsoft CRM using the Cisco Communications Connector. For example, if your staff uses an application to manage their contact lists and contact information, when a contact calls, the system can automatically access that contact’s record based on their caller ID. This streamlines work processes and increases efficiency. Gaining immediate access to personal and order information without having to manually enter individual account information allows employees to both personalize and speed-up their interactions with important contacts.