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Bridge Communications, LLC is a fully licensed and insured telecommunications company, serving the Atlanta, Georgia area, with the expertise and professional experience to meet all your telecom needs. With over 35 years experience in the industry, Mike is a proven leader in the field. He is committed to providing the same friendly service and personal touch you are accustomed to, while continuing to lead the way in cutting-edge technology. Whether you need service on a per-call basis; a maintenance or service plan; assistance in choosing a dial tone or network services provider; new telecom equipment; voice, data, or fiber optic cable installation; access control, security, fire, audio, or video systems installation; wireless broadband; or networking services, we can assist you. We provide telecom consulting services and the products to deliver our vision for your business.

The name Bridge Communications carries layers of significance in its simplicity. First, it recognizes over three decades of firsthand experience in watching the communications industry unfold and evolve. The name represents the bridge between the past and present, reflecting an understanding of the industry and the technologies and trends that have shaped it.

Second, the name signifies a bridge between people. Bridge Communications is founded on essential interpersonal principles like honesty, integrity, and loyalty. The ultimate goal of Bridge’s services is to connect people through communications technology. Moreover, Bridge Communications is dedicated to fostering sincere, personal connections with clients and blending technology with a human side. Building a bridge is, after all, the oldest and truest solution for overcoming any gap.

Third, the name signifies another bridge in time, between the present and future. After decades of watching and understanding evolution, Bridge Communications is prepared to take the next step. Our current and future projects are engineered to build a bridge between now and the future. These projects are built on understanding evolution and can best be summed up in the company slogan: innovation imagined.

Our specializations

  • VoIP, Hosted PBX, Key, and PBX Telephone Systems


  • Voice, Data, and Fiber Optic Cable Installation


  • Wireless Broadband Internet and Networking


  • Access Control, Audio, and Video Systems


Our Services

Service and maintenance plans

These plans allow you to decide how you want to do business with us. We can end the headache associated with invoicing, check-writing, and the accounting time that goes into it all, by designing a customized universal plan that covers ALL of your telecom needs – for the year! If you wish to continue receiving service on a per call basis we offer that as well!

Call before you switch providers

It’s a free call! Don’t let that door-to-door salesperson talk you into a long-term contract for your dial tone or network services. We have long-term established relationships with all of the local and national telecom network providers. We, at no charge to you, can evaluate your situation and recommend the provider that will best suit you company’s requirements.

VoIP, PBX, and key telephone systems

If you are ready to purchase a new system or upgrade your existing system, let us help you decide which solution is right for you. Our strategic partnerships with established industry manufacturers offer you many telecom equipment choices.

Voice, data, and fiber optic cable installation

If you are relocating your offices, or simply making additions, we will design and install a turn-key cabling solution of any magnitude. Throughout the process, from start to finish, we will interface with all associated contractors, vendors, and inspectors, and secure all necessary permits.

Access control, security, fire, audio, and video systems installation

We offer installation (and monitoring, where applicable) of security, fire, and access control systems. We can customize a video surveillance system for your business to be your eyes in the office when you can’t be there. Monitor your business 24 hours a day, no matter where you may be. From a simple burglar alarm system to biometric access control, we have the knowledge and expertise to install, program, and maintain your system, giving you total peace of mind. We also offer audio/sound systems from a simple paging/public address system to a total audio-visual experience for your conference rooms.

Wireless broadband and networking

Bridge Communications, LLC is an authorized retailer for Verizon’s Cradlepoint 4G LTE service, with speeds up to 100 MB. Using Verizon’s 4G LTE or XLTE service, Cradlepoint routers can be used for acting as a failover for your hosted PBX service or Internet, connecting different office locations, displaying digital signage, and connecting applications to the cloud. Cradlepoint brings new capabilities to smaller distributed enterprises that need a robust network to supporta variety of applications, from mobile payment to video surveillance.